Reviews of Notes for the Journey Within: Essentials of the Art of Living

“A must-have! Do yourself a favor and please read it.” It is a one stop collection for all your questions and is so beautifully crafted to search wonderful answers for a wide range of practical and subtle topics, which are extremely beautifully and really simply explained by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar!
“As important as a life jacket.” As a healthcare professional dealing with life and death everyday, this book comes in as the right balance of practical insights with depth and humor, to deal with the day to day stresses. “The journey within” isn’t particularly considered fashionable in my profession but the way this book lays it out makes it seem so much fun and practicable.
“A book that brings profound wisdom, joy and understanding of life.” So much depth of knowledge in this outstanding book. It is very well written and compiled, tons of great information broken down into bite size pieces which can be read at a readers own pace. Best book to buy if someone is looking for wisdom in their life!